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Issues With Cube Security

I am having another issue. I have just spent the last week creating 5 dashboards with between 2 and 16 reports on each. I scheduled them to run and email as xlsx files, however when they came through the files were corrupt. I tested exporting manually - OK, I tired publishing from the dashboards themselves and again the files came through corrupt. I tested another report which without any issues, and the only difference I could find was that it exported in PDF. So I tested this and the PDF showed the issue was due to "No data found. You do not have required cube access rights".

I checked the "Default access rights policy" and I have it set to new users - all access rights, new objects - access to all users as per access rights of the folder, column access permission - access to all cube columns,

delivery and publishing  - myself.

So I went and looked at the folder containing the report, and there was no permissions set. Am I right in assuming that every time I create a new folder, I need to set permissions?

And further to this, do I then also need to set the security on every report and dashboard I create?

In case of cubes, if you do not have any permissions given to any user or role, then by default this cube will be accessible by the user who created it. If in case you want this to be accessible by other users, then you will have to specifically provide cube access to those users/roles.

In case of repository, if you have provided access to parent folder, then that user will be able to view all the reports and sub folders within that folder. But in case if you have provided access separately for any of the sub folders to one role or user, then you will have to give specific permissions to other folders or reports as well.

For example, if we have the following directory structure.

Repository (Root)

-> Folder1

     -> SubFolder1

          -> Object1

          -> Object2


        -> Object1


    -> Object1


A user who has access to Root repository, will be able to access Folder1, Folder2 and all objects below it.

But if you have given specific access to Folder2 for a user/group, the you will to give access for Folder1 as well. And similar is the case of objects.

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