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Multiple dashboards with same reports but different global retrievals

 I have made a default dashboard for different teams. In my test dashboard, I have a invoice total by month as the first report, then an invoice register for the current month below it. All dashboards use the same objects, but have different global retrievals associated to the dashboard. (eg. the differential is on an intercompany field. On 1 dashboard the field = 0 on another dashboard the field = 1).

However, when I then run a scheduler which includes all version of the dashboards, they are all identical. What am I missing? Do I need to create new objects for every version of the dashboards? What is the point of have a dashboard if I cannot select multiple options using the same objects?

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In ElegantJ BI, retrieval filters are used for applying a filters on a report or dashboard while retrieving data while displaying it on console. These filters will not be applied at the time of export. We suggest you perform a one time activity of saving same reports as separate report copies with each filter combinations and schedule it accordingly.

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