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File names of scheduled dashboards

When I schedule a dashboard to email as excel, the name of the file in random in parts. For example I have a dashboard called "MTD_GL_Check_All" when I receive the email from the scheduler the file name is "MTD_GL_Check___All2018-07-03-0433050819"

Is this a setting I can change? Is there anyway that I can include a calculated month name to the file? Eg I run the report on the 1st of every month with time series set to month -1, can I get the system to recognise the month -1 name and add it to the file name? ie. run on 1st July, the file would be called "June MTD GL Check All".

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In ElegantJ BI, export is enabled for both email as well as shared folder. The configuration is common for both. In case of a shared folder enabled export, we may have same file with same name that was exported before. Hence we append a timestamp of the time of file generation after the file name to resolve the overwrite conflicts and also to help a user know at what time the report was generated.

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