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Tab names in dashboard published to Excel

I have a dashboard with 15 different objects on it. I have the excel option to separate each object to a different tab. Now, many of the objects a performed a save as, saved them as a different name, then changed what their setups. eg, I have a MTD sales report based on sales qty, I then save it as sale Value and change the measures to be value. Not sure if this is the issue or not...

When I open the excel file that has been published, many of the tabs will have the object name followed by _2 or _3 or _4 etc.

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In ElegantJ BI, we do not restrict objects to not have same names when they are in different folders or are of different types. But in excel we cannot have two tabs of same names. Hence, to resolve the issue of run-time export error in case of having same sheet names, we have the feature of adding serial number separated by underscore at the end of each sheet name. This is an inbuilt setting and cannot be changed by a user.

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