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Range in Custom Dimension dependent on a measure

I need to have a custom dimension which shows values as range levels  like:

Days is a measure which shows for each individual number of sick days leave and then it is summed over an organization.



But how to create this range dimension where the value is in a measure? Any suggestions





Organisation                                Range                                 Days

Org1                                                Less than 4 days               20

4-29                                    50

30-60                                    25   

91-180                                100

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You can create a custom dimension with following condition:

ifCase( Organization=="Org1" && Days==20, "Less than 4 days", ifCase( Organization=="Org1" && Days==50, "4-29",ifCase( Organization=="Org1" && Days==25, "30-60", ifCase( Organization=="Org1" && Days==100, "91-180", ">180"))))

This is for the example mentioned in your query above. Similarly you can update the condition based on your requirements accordingly.

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