MDX Cubes

The ElegantJ BI MDX Connector connects to MDX cubes provided by services such as Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis service and SAP® BW. ElegantJ BI—MDX Connector System Architecture XML for Analysis (abbreviated as XMLA) is an industry standard for data access in analytical systems, such as OLAP and data mining. XMLA is based on industry standards, such as XML, SOAP, and HTTP. XMLA is maintained by the XMLA Council, with Microsoft, Hyperion, and SAS being the official XMLA Council founding members. The ElegantJ BI MDX connector connects with MDX cubes through XMLA to fetch metadata of MDX cubes and stores the metadata profile of the cube. It does not store any row or aggregated cube data on the ElegantJ BI server. User can access MDX cubes in ElegantJ BI by the following steps: Create MDX Data Source Profile Define MDX Cube Profile Access MDX cubes from ElegantJ BI front-end tools

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