Time Series (Absolute, Relative, Full Period, Period to Date, Range Time Series)

Time Series is defined as an ordered sequence of equally spaced time intervals. When monitoring business processes or tracking corporate business metrics, a need often arises for usage of time series data across financial and calendar years and then down to half years, quarters, months, weeks, days and dates, days of the year, and weeks of the year. Time series analysis is one of the most useful sources for data mining. For example, by allowing you to understand the relationship between the products and sales performance or analysis of trends in sales over different time periods, what has changed over previous years, half years, quarters, months, days, dates, and other critical measures; the role of time series analysis in business intelligence is significant. In ElegantJ BI, you have support for built-in customization time series, making powerful analysis both more effective and easier to use. Using the time series filtering options in ElegantJ BI—absolute, relative, or range time series filtering—you can quickly analyse data across financial and calendar years and drill down up to half years, quarters, months, weeks, days, and dates.

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