Manage Cubes

Users, especially technical users, may need to associate objects (e.g., crosstab or tabular or a graph) created from one cube to another cube. It is possible to associate an object with another cube if the columns of original cube from which the object was created is matching the columns of new cube. Criteria for identical match for columns (dimensions, measures, custom cube dimensions, custom cube measures, and dimension hierarchies) are described below. The Datatype of Dimensions in both cubes must be same. For example, if anlaysis1 is using dimension1 from Cube1, and dimension1 is of string data type, it can be matched with any dimension having string data type from target cube. Target cube should have at least one unique matching dimension for each dimension used in the object. For example, if graph1 is using dimension1 (date type) and dimension2 (string type) from Cube1, matching target cube must have at least one date data type dimension and one string data type dimension. One to one relationship between dimensions from target cube and dimensions used in objects. For example, if dimension1 of an object, is matched with dimension x of target cube, dimension x can not be matched with any other dimension of the object. Any measure of an object will match with any measure from the target cube, as datatypes of measures are always the same. One measure in target cube can be associated with multiple measures from the object. For example, measure x of target cube can be associated with measure 1 and measure 2 of analysis 1.

Time dimension unavailable when associating from Cache to Real-time cube
Issue: When we create an object from cache cube and associate cache cube to real time cube, time dimension hierarchy columns will not match. Resolution:...
Thu, 23 Feb, 2017 at 7:58 PM