Global Variables

The global variables are defined at the cube level. They can be accessed globally with various expressions and filters for BI objects within Smarten. For example, users need to view the projection of growth based on variable % values of sales amount. For this, a Custom Measure Column (UDDC) Growth can be created that would be calculated on the basis of a variable X and GrossSales. This X can be created as a Global Variable and assigned different values at different times to evaluate various scenarios. Formula for Growth: GrossSales + (X*GrossSales)/100 Users can change the value of X to see different projections of growth. Any change in X would be reflected in all analyses where the value of X is used through different expressions in filters, the Custom Dimension Value (UDHC), the Custom Measure Column (UDDC), and retrieval parameters. Hence, it saves users from the tedious task of modifying various expressions and filter formula manually and provides simple “what if” analysis scenarios. Once the global variable is defined, it would be accessible throughout the application while applying Filters, creating Custom Dimension Value (UDHC), Custom Measure Column (UDDC), and Retrieval Parameters. Note: Global variables are available within all BI objects (such as crosstab, graph, GeoMap, dashboards, and tabular) created from a cube. Global variables created for one cube cannot be accessed from within objects created from another cube.

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