Retrieval Parameters

Various analysis objects, such as graphs, GeoMap, crosstab, and tabular, KPIs are created from a cube, and by default, these objects are fully loaded with data from the cube. But in order to see filtered views, run time parameters – retrieval parameters are provided. Users can specify the values of the desired retrieval parameters to obtain a filtered view of crosstab, graphs, GeoMap, tabular, and KPIs. For example, the default view of Sales analysis shows the data for all States, Products, and Employees. But if you want to retrieve data only for certain States, Products, or Employees, you can select the desired values for these parameters. Hence, the Sales analysis data will be retrieved on the basis of values you selected before loading the analysis.

Setting parameters before loading Crosstab
How to set query parameters before loading a Crosstab By default, Cross-tab will be loaded with full data from the cube. Retrieval parameters are run-ti...
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