How to have real time cubes with column, data access & retrieval parameters

The real time cube query will store the meta data only. As and when any crosstab, tabular, graph are accessed, which are created from this cube, the cube query is fired on the database directly. No actual data in stored in our proprietary cube formats, except for metadata.

Administrator can provide Column level access to different users as shown in the below screenshots (Role 1 can view SalesQty, Role 2 can view GrossSales)

Also Administrator can Data access permission (Role 1 can view Alcoholic Drinks data, Role 2 can view Non Alcoholic Drinks data)

Based on the above details, when the analysis is open by User1 having Role 1, ElegantJ Business Intelligence Suite will query the database accordingly and fetch data relevant to User1. i.e. out of 1000 rows, only 10 rows which is relevant to User1 will be fetched from the database.

Retrieval parameters can also be made available for the BI objects (crosstab, tabular, KPI, graphs)  and will reduce the number of records on the front-end objects by filtering cube data.

Thus increasing real-time cubes performance using access filters and retrieval parameters.

Note: This article is based on ElegantJ BI Version 4.2. This may or may not be relevant to the ElegantJ BI version you may be using