How to fetch output of Stored Procedure in EJBI during Cube Creation : 


A) MSSQL Server  : 


1) Stored Procedure Without Parameter : 


2) Stored Procedure With Hard coded parameter (e.g. bill number): 

3) Stored Procedure using Global variable : 


B) Oracle : 


Syntax for executing SP  through Oracle Data Source Connection is as below :

{call BI_CUSTOMERCOMPLAINT(:b,3,'a','25/10/2016')}




  v_DocumentId IN NUMBER,

  v_DocumentId2 IN varchar2,

  v_date in  date




   OPEN cv_1 FOR

     select * from VIEWCUSTOMERCOMPLAINT;    



Note : In case of Oracle it is mandatory  to have Sys Ref Cursor.  Output has to be captured in SP and then can be used to create ElegantJ BI Cube.