Configuration of SQL Server TCP/IP Port to access instance : 


The default port number 1433 is used for communicating with the SQL server. For native client this is configured default at the time of installation itself, but if any instances have been created then it has to be configured manually. This can be achieved through SQL Server Configuration Manager in following way :


1) Run the SQL Server Configuration Manager. It can be accessed through 2 ways as described below:



i) Open SQL Server Configuration Manager as show below :



ii) If not found then, open using below path :




2. Select the SQL Server Network Configuration and select instance from the list you want to configure to listen to on a specific port.



3.To change the port assignment right-click on the TCP/IP protocol and select Properties.




In order to finish the adjustment, select SQL Server Services, click on SQL Server and restart it.


Note : However for Native Client, this configuration is done by default during installation as shown below: 


Note: This article is based on ElegantJ BI Version 4.0. This may or may not be relevant to the ElegantJ BI version you may be using.