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 How to get Absolute Time series filter for Financial and Calendar year in Cross-Tab

Time series is a sequence of time intervals. While tracking corporate performance, time series helps in analysing the trends in sales like what has changed over the previous years and then to half years, quarters, months, weeks, days and dates, days of the year, and weeks of the year across Financial and Calendar years.

Absolute Time series is used to know the value of a measure at a particular constant year / quarter / month, etc. as per the hierarchy, and is independent of the current date. 

Note: The Time series hierarchy can be changed based on the settings by the administrator 

Example 1:

Lets see how to analyse State wise Sales Growth between the second and first quarter of 2014.

While creating the Cross-tab, select States in the Rows section and duplicate the Gross Sales measure twice as the sales have to be measured for two quarters here.


Step 1

In the Cross-tab Toolbar, click Time series. The system displays the Time series dialog box.


Step 2

In Measures drop-down, all the measures selected in Cross-tab(GrossSales & GrossSales_1) will be displayed. Select the measure 'GrossSales' on which the Time series needs to be applied.

Step 3

In Date dimension  drop-down, all the date dimensions in the Cube or Dataset will be displayed. Select the date dimension (Date) for time series calculation.

Step 4

Select Financial or Calendar year (as year type) for time series calculation. 

Step 5

Click the Absolute tab and select Year as '2014' and Quarter as 'Q2' in the fields.

Step 6

Similarly select the second measure (GrossSales_1) from the measures drop-down and apply the filter as Year = 2014 and Quarter = Q1.

Step 7

You can rename the column header names (from the Format option in the right click) as 'Sales (2014 – Qtr 2)' and 'Sales (2014 – Qtr 1)' to make it easy to understand.

Click OK to apply the Time series.



Example 2:

To compare the data between the 1st week of every month for the year 2013 and 2014, make the following changes in the respective fields of Time series dialog.

For Sales (2013 – Week 1) measure column, 

Selected Fields : Year = 2013 & Week = W1

For Sales (2014 – Week 1) measure column, 

Selected Fields : Year = 2014 & Week = W1

The Sales Growth Cross-tab will be displayed as below.


Example 3:

To measure the Gross Sales and Sales Quantity of all Mondays in the month of January, 2014, make the following changes in the respective fields.

For Gross Sales (Mon - Jan, 2014) measure column, 

Selected Fields : Year = 2014, Month = Jan & Day = Mon

For Sales Quantity (Mon - Jan, 2014) measure column, 

Selected Fields : Year = 2014, Month = Jan & Day = Mon

The cross-tab will display the Sales and Quantity of 6th Jan 2014, 13th Jan 2014, 20th Jan 2014 and 27th Jan 2014.


Note: This article is based on Smarten Version 5.x. This may or may not be relevant to the Smarten version you may be using

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