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How can I make my Cross-Tab filter available in the cross-tab only to me?

How to make a Filter public / private?

Filters like Front-end Object filters and Advanced filters can be made public / private to control the access to the filter conditions by other users.

To make any filter accessible only to the user who created that filter, you can make the filter condition 'Private'. To make it accessible to all the users, you can make it 'Public'.


Note: If the filter is public, any user will be able to make edits in the condition or delete the filter.


Example 1:

The below sales cross-tab shows product category wise gross sales over different years. To filter the product categories of Washington state in the year of 2014 and make the filter accessible only to me, follow the below steps.



Step 1

In the cross-tab, right click on any cell and click Filter, OR In the cross-tab toolbar, click on the Filter icon.

The system displays the Filter dialog box.

Step 2

Click on the Add icon and add the filter conditions as State = 'Washington' and Year = '2014'. Click OK to add the conditions. The filter template will be displayed.



Step 3

In the filter templates, select the condition you have added for State and Year wise filter. (By default, the filter permissions will be public.) Click on the Private icon in the toolbar and click OK. The filter 'State-Year' is made private and won't be accessible to any other user.



You can make multiple filters 'Private' together by selecting the checkboxes of the filters and click on the Private icon. You can change filter permission from Private to Public from this interface too.

Note: This article is based on Smarten Version 5.x. This may or may not be relevant to the Smarten version you may be using.

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