If you are evaluating Smarten or using it as a customer, you would need to get your email address registered for using the support services. 


Advantages of opening an account


1. Registered user can post tickets on the support portal.

2. Registered user can see the Dashboard for their raised tickets and its status.

3. Registered user can access Discussion Forums ad knowledgebase articles.


The registration process will be done and approved through Smarten support team only. Follow the below steps to get yourself registered.


Registration Process


1. Click on the Request For a Login option and fill up the details like Name, Email, Phone, Organization, and Captcha code as shown below.



                                                        REQUEST FOR A LOGIN


2. Click on Submit to request for login credentials.


Once the request is submitted, Smarten support team will configure the details in the support portal and the user will get an activation email with URL link to activate the account and select a password.


3. Click on the activation URL and create the password. 

You will be registered and you will be able to access the support portal.