Issue/Query : How to configure Shared folder on server.

Solution : Using the shared server directory option, if you have a file on any shared folder on the smarten server then you can just make the changes to the file and you will not need to upload the file everytime . Only refresh from source in case of a dataset will work. 

 While creating a new source select the Radio button of Shared folder on server after         click on Select Files to select the files.

To use this option we need to set up the shared path of the folder from the server.

 Go to Administration -> General Configuration -> Server Shared Directory

Paste the path of the folder of your shared files.

Note: this path must be accessible from the smarten server.

Now, the folder will be accessible and you can choose the folder/file from the shared path and create Datasource.

Note: This article is based on Smarten Version 5.0. This may or may not be relevant to the Smarten version you may be using.