Create your smarten instance from AWS marketplace

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The Smarten suite of advanced analytics tools is available for a free 30-day trial on the AWS marketplace.

Link for Smarten on AWS Marketplace. 

To create an instance at AWS, follow the below steps:

1. Open the above link and click on Continue to subscribe.

2. You will be redirected to ‘Subscribe to this software’ page, where the terms and conditions are given. Click to Continue to configuration.

3. Fill up the details to configure to the software. Select,

  • Select Delivery Method

  • Software Version

  • Region

And click on Continue to launch

4. Review the configuration and choose how you wish to launch your configuration. Select ‘Launch through EC2’ console.

5. Choose an Instance Type

Amazon EC2 provides a wide selection of instance types optimized to fit different use cases. Instances are virtual servers that can run applications. They have varying combinations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity, and give you the flexibility to choose the appropriate mix of resources for your applications.

6. Configure Instance Details

Configure the instance to suit your requirements. You can launch  multiple instances from the same AMI

7. Add Storage

Your instance will be launched with the following storage device settings. You can attach additional EBS volumes and instance store volumes to your instance, or edit the settings of the root volume.

8. Add Tags

A tag consists of a case-sensitive key-value pair. For example, you could define a tag with key = BI and value = Smarten.

9. Configure Security Group

A security group is a set of firewall rules that control the traffic for your instance. On this page, you can add rules to allow specific traffic to reach your instance. For example, if you want to set up a web server and allow Internet traffic to reach your instance, add rules that allow unrestricted access to the HTTP and HTTPS ports.

Review Instance Launch

Please review your instance launch details. You can go back to edit changes for each section. Click Launch to assign a key pair to your instance and complete the launch process.

Once EC2 instance is running, please enter the below URL in your web browser:


Login to Smarten using the Default administrator user (‘admin). Default password will be your EC2 instance ID. You can check your instance ID from AWS management console -> EC2 instances list page. 

 You can also change your password from the 'Edit Profile' section after successfully login into Smarten.

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