Jstack to debug high CPU utilization

Modified on Wed, 6 Mar at 12:32 PM

CPU utilization is stuck at 100%, take thread dump log & send it to Smarten support

Thread dump log through below command and send it to support@smarten.com before restarting the server. It will help to diagnose the issue.

jstack <pid> > C:\threadDump.log
Pid – it is process id of Java process for Wildfly.

Step 1: Get the Process ID for the shell script calling the java program
linux$ ps -aef | grep "runABCD"
user1 **8535** 4369 0 Mar 25 ? 0:00 /bin/csh /home/user1/runABCD.sh
user1 17796 17372 0 08:15:41 pts/49 0:00 grep runABCD

Step 2: Get the Process ID for the Child which was Invoked by the runABCD. Use the above PID to get the childs.
linux$ ps -aef | grep **8535**
user1 **8536** 8535 0 Mar 25 ? 126:38 /apps/java/jdk/sun4/SunOS5/1.6.0_16/bin/java -cp /home/user1/XYZServer
user1 8535 4369 0 Mar 25 ? 0:00 /bin/csh /home/user1/runABCD.sh
user1 17977 17372 0 08:15:49 pts/49 0:00 grep 8535

Step 3: Get the JSTACK for the particular process. Get the Process id of your XYSServer process. i.e. 8536
linux$ jstack **8536** > threadDump.log

Note: This article is based on Smarten Version 5.x. This may or may not be relevant to the Smarten version you may be using
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