Plot the dynamic graph based on measure selected from the list of measures

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This can be achieved through the Global variable functionality, provided the measure names are not subject to changes.


1.   Create a new Graph / Smarten view or go to the Graph / Smarten view that you have already created.

2.   Add a new global variable with the measure names (e.g., ‘GrossSales’) as the string values.

        a) In the Graphs Settings toolbar, Select Manage global variables, and create a new variable.

                                            GLOBAL VARIABLES OPTION IN THE TOOLBAR

        b) Provide variable Name as ‘SelectMeasure’

        c) Select the Type as ‘String’

        d) Choose Allowable Values as ‘List’

        e) Add the Values as your Measures’ names. For ex; CostOfGoods, GrossSales, Sales Performance and Margin etc.

                                    ADD GLOBAL VARIABLE FOR THE MEASURE LIST

3.   After this, create a UDDC as below (as per your requirement). The UDDC will be like if you’re choosing ‘GrossSales’ from the list, the GrossSales value will be loaded in the UDDC. For ex;

        a) Provide UDDC Name as ‘ShowMeasure’

        b) Give UDDC Expression as ifCase( $SelectMeasure$ == "GrossSales", GrossSales, ifCase( $SelectMeasure$ == "CostOfGoods", CostOfGoods, Margin))

Where $SelectMeasure$ is the Global variable that we created in Step 2.


4.   Go to Outliner and keep the newly created UDDC (ShowMeasure) in the Data section and Click OK.

                                                            OUTLINER WITH UDDC IN THE DATA SECTION

5.   Open the Graph / Smarten View, click on the Global variables icon in the toolbar. The global variables that we created will be shown.

                                            MEASURE LIST IN THE GLOBAL VARIABLES

6.   Select the measure that you want to display in the graph data from the Global Variables list.

The Graph / Smartenview will be plotted based on the selection.

                                                            GRAPH PLOTTED BASED ON MEASURE ‘GROSSSALES’

Note: This article is based on Smarten Version 5.x. This may or may not be relevant to the Smarten Version 5.x you may be using.

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