Issue: When we create an object from cache cube and associate cache cube to real time cube, time dimension hierarchy columns will not match.


Year, quarter and month column has data type int in cache cube. In real time cube, we add year, quarter and month in query which is in character data type, so we need to cast it to int type.

1.  Create a cube using cube type cache and create time dimension hierarchy (Year, Quarter, Month).

2.  Create an analysis using Year, Quarter, Month and one measure. Save the cross tab in Repository folder.

3.  Now to associate with a real-time cube, create one (use the cast to convert datatype to integer)

4. Now associate the earlier created crosstab from cache cube to real time cube

  • Administration 
  • Repository
  • Tick Object which needs to be associated from cache to real-time cube
  • Associate Cube icon (toolbar)

5. In Associate cube, select the real time cube. All columns will matched accordingly

If the data type of any column is not same in both the cubes then it would not match.

Note: This article is based on ElegantJ BI Version 4.3. This may or may not be relevant to the ElegantJ BI version you may be using.